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Movie Title Year Director Locations
An Alligator Named Daisy 1955 J. Lee Thompson United Kingdom
A Hill in Korea 1956 J. Amyes  
The Man Who Never Was 1956 Ronald Neame United Kingdom
Seven Thunders 1957 Hugo Fregonese  
Island In The Sun 1957 R. Rossen Barbados
The Night Heaven Fell 1958 Roger VAdim Spain
The Bravados 1958 Henry King  
Ben Hur 1958 William Wyler Italy
Woman Obsessed 1959 Henry Hathaway Canada
The Best of Everything 1959 Jean Negulesco USA
The Big Gamble 1960 Richard Fleischer Ireland/Ivory Coast
The Inspector 1961 Philippe Dunne Holland/UK/Gibraltar
Cleopatra 1962 Manckiewicz UK/Rome
Billy Rose's Jumbo 1962 C. Walters USA
Imperial Venus 1962 J. Delannoy Italy
The Fall of the Roman Empire 1963 Anthony Mann Spain
The Third Secret 1964 C. Crichton United Kingdom
Genghis Khan 1965 Henry Levin  
The Oscar 1965 R. Rouse USA
The Bible 1966 John Huston  
Fantastic Voyage 1966 Richard Fleischer USA
The Poppy is also a Flower 1966 Terence Young  
The Caper of the Golden Bulls 1967 R. Rouse Spain
Assignment K 1967 Val Guest  
Shalako 1968 Edward Dmytryk  
Slaves 1969 Herbert Biberman  
Carter's Army 1969    
The Hands of Cormac Joyce 1971 Fielder Cook Phillip Island Austalia
Kill! 1971 Romain Gary  
Historia De Una Traicion 1971 J. A. Nieves Conde  
Monkeys, Apes and Man 1971 Documentary  
Il Diavolo a Sette Facce 1971 Civirani  
Dopo di che Uccide Il Maschio e lo Divora/Marta/Marta 1972 J. A. Nieves Conde  
Hannie Caulder 1972 B. Kennedy  
Mil Milliones Para Una Rubia 1972 P. Lagaza  
The Big Game 1972    
African Story/The Manipulator 1972    
Charge 1973 G. Rosati  
Man Called Noon 1973 P. Collinson  
Left Hand of the Law 1973 G. Rosati  
Key West 1973 Philip Leacock Florida
Casa Manchada/Impossible Love 1974 J. A. Nieves Conde  
One Man Against the Organization 1975 S. Grieco  
Lives of Jenny Dolan 1975 TV  
Frauenstation 1976 R. Thiele  
Potato Fritz 1976 P. Schamoni  
Evil in the Deep 1976 V. Stone  
Lady Dracula 1976 F. J. Gottlieb  
The Squeeze 1976 M. Apted  
Hawaii Five-O 1977 TV  

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