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Video Clip links

Thanks to Emanuel F from France, who found these and emailed them to me, we now have some great video clips to show you that were recently posted on You Tube. Enjoy!!!


Interviews & Appearances:


Interview with Stephen Boyd - Discussing that famous Chariot Race in Ben-Hur

Stephen in the documentary "Once Upon A Wheel", a rare public appearance

Stephen's appearance in the game show "What's My Line?"


Movie Clips:

Stephen's first role in a movie with Errol Flynn called Lilacs in the Spring dated 1954

Stephen's last role on TV in Hawaii Five-O, the name of the episode was "Up The Rebels"

Stephen as County Dracula  in Lady Dracula

Costume Test for Cleopatra in 1963, a movie he abandoned

A nice clip of Stephen in the movie Slaves on horseback

Stephen's singing debut in Jumbo, "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World" with Doris Day

With Caroll Baker in a beach scene

Tribute Videos:

A nice tribute to the actor, an assortment of clips from his movies

Alanis Morisstte Musical Tribute to Stephen Boyd